The HUMINT Side of Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

One of the oldest documented professions in the international isn’t handiest considered a career however is taken into consideration an artwork as properly. The art of espionage has been documented in the Bible, manuscripts of the Byzantine Empire, and the Art of War by way of Sun Tzu. This career has advanced over centuries, ranging from a myriad of clandestine collection, subtle debriefings through skillful elicitation, and net primarily based spy-tech. Collection activities focused on each tactical and strategic operations presenting the sector famend chess recreation of cloak and dagger sports pitting one intelligence provider in opposition to another. Yet as capitalism commenced to flourish, there was no surprise that intelligence collection had began to intermingle amongst the corporate global. As corporate espionage became a taboo term, the suggestion of aggressive intelligence, competitor intelligence and business intelligence started to find slight reputation during the battlefields of the boardrooms, business complexes, and social networking occasions.

Before exploring the proper essence of Human Intelligence (HUMINT) in correlation to Competitive Intelligence (CI), one must gain an expertise of the diverse sorts of commercial enterprise associated facts collection and how each can be related. The maximum broadly referred rationalization of aggressive intelligence, is the purchase of publicly to be had statistics of the competitors of an people agency to benefit a wonderful gain in commercial enterprise. The acquisition of a competitors critical facts which include strategic choices, economic overall performance, and productivity to call a few, is referred to as competitor intelligence. Additional records received which isn’t always taken into consideration competitive in nature is known as enterprise intelligence. The statistics obtained, no matter the identify given, has strategic implications within the commercial enterprise environment and is taken into consideration a strategic necessity in the corporate international.

The acquisition of the records inside the realm of competitive intelligence is often acquired from publicly available sources. Often, many individuals consider that aggressive intelligence is amassed completely from journals, articles, employment notices, internet pages, and other written guides which may provide facts points for analysis. What many fail to comprehend, is that despite the fact that series from written publications may arise, this series may most effective identical 10%-20% of the records which exists. The other 80%-ninety% is obtained thru spoken communique. From interviews, lectures, webinars, and even conversations on the local espresso save. Yes, the local coffee store near the corporation headquarters is a high series possibility for the HUMINT Competitive Intelligence collector. Whether the facts is derived from written publication or HUMINT collection, the statistics points or statistics acquired is best one piece of the larger puzzle.

The evaluation of the statistics collected and that which is unknown, may also frequently be deduced which will develop an normal image of the situation. But to apprehend actually how aggressive intelligence works, and how HUMINT can be interwoven, one ought to apprehend the elements of the intelligence cycle. Though controversy may also exist in a few circles regarding how many steps or elements may exist within the intelligence cycle, for this article we can use the following five as our regular degree:

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