Applications Of Machine Learning

Machine Learning

 Due to technological advancements, machine learning has achieved a great level in the world and because many people use machine learning is some or other way and the interesting thing is that most of us are not even aware that we are using machine learning in some form like Google Maps, Alexa, etc. Machine learning is basically an application of Artificial Intelligence in which the softwares, computers and devices perform the functions via cognition which is very similar to the human brain. With the help of technology and coding, machines are designed in such a way that they have so much stuff in their brain which we can use to make our life easier and simpler. So in this article we will discuss the applications machine learning. 

  1. Image recognition:

One of the most common applications of machine learning is face recognition. It helps in identifying the objects, persons, digital images, places, etc. You must have noticed while tagging friends on facebook, it gives you friends suggestions for tagging automatically. This is because when you upload a photo and tag your friends in it, facebook reminds it. This is possible because of machine learning and recognition algorithms. It works on the basis of a deep face project of facebook which helps in the face recognition and identification of the person.

  1. Speech recognition:

Other applications machine learning include speech recognition. While using Google, you get an option of voice search, which is an example of speech recognition. This is a classic example of machine learning. Speech recognition can be defined as the conversion of the voice into text which is also known as speech to text or computer speech recognition. Currently, machine learning is used at a vast level in the form of Google assistant, Siri, Alexa and Cortana.

  1. Traffic prediction:

Another important application of machine learning is traffic prediction. If you want to visit some unknown place, you use Google maps to get the directions, traffic predictions and best possible shortest way. This all is possible due to machine learning. It can even tell about the traffic trends on your way like whether the traffic is slow, the way is clear or heavily congested. After predicting the traffic, it calculates the estimated time to reach the selected destination. It gets even better every time as it collects the information from the user and sends it to the database for the improvements.

This is all about the applications machine learning which you must know about that in which form you use it and how it works.

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